Sunday, December 28, 2008

Amazing Belly Dancing Girl!!


Jad Nakhle - Hasseebak

Ala tool, Karina

A combination of two beautiful languages!

Rihanna - Disturbia

I love this video!! Its odd and a bit disturbing.

Optical Illusion 13

What do you see? I had to look at it a second time. The cubes double back and reconnect with the original stack.

Optical Illusion 12

What do you see? It seems that the coils spiral inward doesn't it? Look again. Each ring is an individual ring.

Optical Illusion 11

What do you see? Stare at the circle in the center. The circle seems to shift independently within the rectangle, doesn't it?

Daily Sentiment!

OWWWW MY ACHY FEET!!! I certainly needed this weekend to recover from the weekdays!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Daily Sentiment!


Optical Illusion 10

What do you see? Well... I'm not so sure I see anything out of the ordinary with this one. Any comments?

Optical Illusion 9

What do you see? Is the image warped in the center as if something is pressing down on it? Take a ruler and check it. Its all perfectly straight!

Optical Illusion 8

What do you see? A mans profile or a man and woman standing on the sidewalk while a dog lies in the road?

Optical Illusion 7

What do you see? Ok, I know this one isn't really what you would call an optical illusion but can anyone explain why this works out this way?

Optical Illusion 6

What do you see? How many oddities can you find in this one?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Never Wash Your Hands?

Never Wash Your Hands?

It'll take him four hours to do one hand.
He then photographs it for posterity.
I cannot imagine how he does it, the eyes are so remarkably lifelike.
It took him 10 hours to do the two-handed Eagle.

Optical Illusion 5

What do you see? I see an object with 3 prongs... Or do I? Follow the lines with your eyes.

Optical Illusion 4

What do you see? I see a man with crazy hair. I also see two horses fighting with a man on the back of one horse.

Optical Illusion 3

What do you see? Is the man facing towards the left or twords the right?

Optical Illusion 2

What do you see? I see a man on the back of a small donkey and the hands of someone painting the scene. I also see a man painting a self-portrait.

Optical Illusion 1

What do you see? An old couple staring into each others eyes? Or a couple of men sitting beside each other singing and a woman coming through an archway in the background?