Saturday, December 27, 2008

Optical Illusion 7

What do you see? Ok, I know this one isn't really what you would call an optical illusion but can anyone explain why this works out this way?


Max-e said...

I cannot give a mathematical explanation, but I think this would be the same principle you will find in a square and a rectangle. Take an area of say 4 square metres - the distance around a square would be 8 metres but with a rectangle it is 10 metres. By shifting the shapes around, it somehow alters the perspective.... I'm lost :)

Nurse Nightingale said...

Yeah, what he said!! I'm joking. Thank you for the explanation. Its a bit like when you go grocery shopping... When you get to the checkout, you have this massive load of food that you managed to fit into ONE CART, yet when all is said and done and its all bagged up, it requires TWO CARTS to get it all to your car. We come away from the situation with the understanding that nothing fits the same once its been rearranged.