Monday, March 9, 2009


I just realized this today at about 3pm!!
Tomorrow is our 15th anniversary!!!
Ohhh I am so excited!!

I got HIM roses, wrote him a note saying
"Happy 15th Anniversary, I love you!" in pink highlighter,
stuck the note on the top of the bouquet,
and set them on his nightstand, so that he will see them first thing
in the morning when he wakes up
(while I'm still sleeping off my 2nd shift job).
Oh, I hope his movements wake me up
when he is sliding out of bed so I can see his face
when he looks at the roses (I'm a light sleeper)!

I am so excited that I am tempted to wake him up
RIGHT NOW since its technically our anniversary already!!
I've got another surprise in store for him and it didn't cost a thing!!

There is only one thing better than being newlyweds in love...
That is being 15 years down the line and STILL in love
and blessed with four children (and I want more).

Ok, Goodnight world!! Keep my husband and I in your prayers,
that we might have many more years as good as the first 15.