Monday, October 1, 2007

Egg Shell Art

Toothpick Architecture

Toothpick Architecture

The Top 20 Proposed Product Renamings

Starbucks -- Costsbucks

Double Cheese 'n' Bacon Whopper -- BK Angioplasty

Lawn Darts -- Kid Kabobs

Hungryman Dinner -- Buffet in a Box

Ford Excursion -- Ford Excessive

SuperMaxx Condoms -- Wishful Thinking, Little Man!

YouTube -- YouScrewedUpAndNowTheWholeWorldCanSeeItOnTheirTube

Cell Phone -- Cinemus Interruptus

Boca Burgers -- I Can't Believe It's Not Ground-Up Bull Groin!

Windows Vista -- Microsoft Do_It-Yourself Doorstop Kit

Big Mouth Billy Bass -- Redneck Detector 3000

Silly Putty -- I Cannot Believe It Is Not Detonator Placement Medium Made Easily Available by Foolish Americans!

Febreeze -- Stank-B-Gone

Lamborghini Murcielago -- P-Magnet Twatcatcher

GI Joe -- Gee, I Prevent Your Little Guy From Growing Up to Be a Metrosexual -- or WORSE!

Red Bull -- Ritalinade

Toyota Prius -- Toyota Smug Little Tree-Hugging Prick

Doritos -- BongSnax

Dunkin Donuts -- Morning Glory Food

Flowbee -- Christ, My Hair Looks Bad!