Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Rahul and Anjali are students in a college in India. Anjali is attracted to Rahul but he only sees her as his best friend. They play basketball together and both have a fierce competitive attitude.
Then, along come Tina, another Indian girl, who catches Rahuls heart instantly. Tina, unknowingly, comes between Anjali and Rahul. She recognizes that Anjali is in love with Rahul but is unable to do anything to stop her own love for Rahul. Anjali leaves the college, using a sick family member as her excuse, which leaves Rahul bitter towards her for abandoning him.
Tina and Rahul get married and they lead a blissful life. Soon, Tina gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby girl who she names Anjali, in honor of Rahuls once-best friend. Shortly after their daughters birth, Tina dies, leaving Rahul alone to look after Anjali. He does a fairly good job at this, and Anjali grows up in his care. Before Tina dies, she writes a series of eight letters to her daughter, to be given to her on each of her first birthdays. On Anjalis 8th birthday, she learns, from the final letter, about the older Anjali and her love for her dad. In the letter, her mother is asking her to help reunite Rahul and Anjali as theirs was a love interrupted and it must be rekindled. The little girl, Anjali, sets forth on the task of bringing them together with the help of her grandmother, unsure if her dad will even accept another woman to take his late wife's place.
This movie is an amazing tale of love and sacrifice.
It is a MUST-WATCH!!