Monday, July 6, 2009

Torn! Help!

I like my job so much. I like working with my patients! What do you do when there is one person, JUST ONE, who is determined to make your day miserable?? I guess you all have noticed that I haven't been posting so much. I am honestly mentally exhausted by dealing with this woman! I am at the point where I am seriously thinking of finding another job but I don't want to leave my patients.

Oh a brighter note... My husband and I and all our children went on a vacation for 10 days. We travelled through 9 states! It was such fun! I thought it would be horrible to travel so much with four young children but it wasn't bad at all! We took all the scenic routes and had so much fun! We plan to take another vacation in August to pan for gold!!! We'll be staying in a cabin at a beautiful river site for 5 days.

Our son left on 6/29 to travel overseas and spend the summer with his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and many many cousins. He has only been there for a week but I miss him so much!! He'll be back ON MY BIRTHDAY!! Hows that for timing?? He ALMOST emails me daily but I haven't received any pictures yet!! I sent my digital camera with him for what?

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Peter said...

To be frustrated at your job is not uncommon! I hope you will overcome it soon! Good to have a family around!