Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Inauguration

You know, I was sitting here watching the inauguration and noticed something curious. When the outgoing president was introduced, he was called President George Walker Bush. When the incoming president was introduced, he was called President-Elect Barack H. Obama. Now, what do you see within this information, that strikes you as odd? My only question is this... Is Obama ashamed of his middle name or was it done without him knowing? In my opinion, a name is simply a name, so why should it matter if they call him President-Elect Barack HUSSEIN Obama? Fear? Of what? My last name has Arabic origins and I am not afraid to use it. A name doesn't make the person, the person makes the name!!!

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Doreen said...

Hussein is a fine name however, unfortunately the evils in society have placed a stigma in that name. I think he probably didn't know that they would introduce him that way. I've followed Barack and his great words. He would be the first to agree with your words "a name doesn't make a person, the person makes a name". Very well said by you. I truly believe Barack Obama will impact this country and turn this turmoil around! God Bless America.